About Us

Jersey Wine Merchants opened in March of 2008 as Jersey Wine & Spirits, after a large scale renovation of what used to be Willies Liquors, established in the 1940s.  Downtown Jersey City needed a fine wine shop and we were it.  As we grew, transforming the old bodega-style store of Willies into a fine wine and spirits shop, we noticed that Jersey City was filled with an amazing, vibrant crowd of wine enthusiasts. Not only do they love a delicious wine, but are willing to explore the vast ways that people extract this liquid from grapes. And so, we have taken it upon ourselves to find the pioneer winemakers and bring their creations to Jersey City, servicing all of New Jersey.  With such a dynamic city and wine drinkers willing to push their own knowledge, it is necessary to provide a wine shop with a finger on the pulse of wine makers around the world.Thus, the inspiration for our new chapter as Jersey Wine Merchants.  This represents a shift from main stream wines to the artisan and craft wines, exploring the innovative techniques of winemakers around the world.  This same shift applies to our take on spirits and beer as well. We try to find those small breweries and distilleries that put a natural, human element into their product and showcase this creation in our store.  It’s safe to say that our passion for wine carries over into beer and spirits.   We taste everything that is in our store, handpicking each item, making sure that our customers receive only the best – and encourage our customers to bring their own wine knowledge and suggestions as well!


492 Jersey Ave.,
Jersey City, NJ 07302


(201) 763-5888

Store Hours:

Monday – Saturday:   10am – 10pm

Sunday:                       12pm – 8pm