This month Jersey Wine & Spirits is excited to feature El Dorado Rum by our distillery of the month, by Demerara Distillers.  Made in the South American country of Guyana, these rums reflect the city of gold long rumored to have been Manoa, in the Rupununi region of the country.

"El Dorada" means "the golden one" and was inspired by the legend of this City of Gold. It was ruled by a King who was dusted in gold. Early explorers braved the rugged terrain of Guyana searching for him. Forget the dangers of exploring unclaimed territory while discovering the true gold of Guyana. El Dorado Rum offers a specturm of quality rum which are award-winning at the highest tiers.  

The unique tropical climate gives these rums a unique flavor. Guyana means "land of many waters" and for three hundred years Guyana has been distilling rum on the banks of the Demerara River.

Come into the shop to try some of this exceptional spirit and be sure to stay tuned for our upcoming Rum Class on February where we will feature this rum.

Check out one of these El Dorado Rums