Beer Brewing 101 with Einstok

One of the brewers from Einstok, an Icelandic beer brewing outfit, is joining Jersey Wine and Spirits for a class this Thursday, March, 30, from 7-9 pm at Jersey Wines & Spirits. Tickets are available now --- don't miss this exciting opportunity to learn about brewing from an expert!

The Process of Brewing Beer

How Is Beer Made?

The process for making beer is centuries old. While modern technology has been brought in, the basic idea is the same: water, barley, yeast and hops are boiled and fermented resulting in a carbonated alcoholic beverage.

This class will bring you through each step and, more interestingly, talk about how that process differes depending on the style of beer. The brewer will aso have Einstok beer on hand so that you can try this beer made from the purest water in the world.

About Einstok Brewing

Einstok makes beer using the purest water in the world. The water starts in the Arctic and flowes from rain, over prehistoric glaciers, and through mineral rich lava fields. 

Current offerings from Einstok:

  • White Ale
  • Arctic Pale Ale
  • Toasted Porter
  • Wee Heavy
  • Arctic Berry (seasonal)
  • Doppelbock (seasonal)

You can learn more about Einstok and their beers by checking out their comprehensive tasting sheet.

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