Belgian Beer Tasting

Join Jersey Wine & Spirits for a tasting of Belgian Beer. Get your tickets now and join us on Thursday, April 27, from 7-9pm.

Belgian Beer Basics

  • Belgian Beer can refer to two things. Sometimes it refers to beer made in Belgium, a small country (the size of Maryland) in Western Europe that borders The Netherlands. Beers made in the same distinct style are also called Belgians.
  • Belgium is beer country. The tiny country has over 100 styles of beer and over 500 brands. The styles are distinct. Some Belgian beers don't even taste like beer. If you've never tasted Belgian beer before, prepare to be introduced to a whole new side of beer.
  • Belgian beer is usually breadier and has a higher alcohol content than other beers.
  • Belgians are served in a tulip glass. This squat glass has a wide opening --- a perfect shape to accentuate the distinct aromas and flavors found in these beers.

tulip glasses are used to serve belgian beer

  • Check out the closures! Bottles with a cork and wire cage, like those used to close champagne, are a sign that you've got a Belgian beer in your hand.

Styles of Note

While Belgian beer comes in ales and lagers, there are a few styles of note. These include lambics. Lambics are sour beers made with wild yeast that are often mixed with fruit, like raspberries, to cut the sour flavor. They are open fermented.

Trappist beers are made by monks using centuries old recipes and processes.  Most Trappists are divided into three types:

  • Enkel: made for the monks by the monks.
  • Dubbel: Dark, sweet and served cool.
  • Tripel: Blonde beers served cold with a good sized head

White beers are wheat beers that are enjoyed in the summer with coriander or a slice of fresh, juicy orange.

No matter what your exposure to Belgian beer thus far you're sure to learn about the country and its beer and enjoy some exciting flavors. Get your tickets and join us!