Rosé has come a long way in recent years. Instead of being the butt of many jokes, it’s popularity is on the rise. How did that happen? Millennials can be thanked, according to some experts, and women are also praised for jumping on the pink wine train. Celebrities also got into rosé a few years ago, making the fad boom. At the end of the day, we think it’s the producers who have started taking the style seriously. Gone are the days of cheap, sweet plonk making glasses pretty. Rosé is now found on major restaurant wine lists in every style: from sweet to dry, still to frizzante to sparkling. And Americans are drinking it up. Are you ready to give rosé a chance? Here are our favorite rosé for summer 2017 and beyond.

How To Find Your Favorite Rosé Wine

We’ve broken the wines down into still and sparkling giving you what we think are the summer’s 4 best rosé wines. Go with what you know you like first and then venture out to find your new favorite. Sweet rosé is hard to find and producers bringing back white Zinfandel are going with dry expressions, so all of these wines are semi-dry to dry.

The Best Still Rosé

From côtes-du-Provence, where rosé is produced in huge quantities, comes Whispering Angel. This super dry white --- bone dry if you want to use official terms --- is delicate with berries, especially strawberries, throughout. Refreshing and complex: you’ll experience chalk, floral notes, and fruit: berries, tropical and citrus. Of note: this is considered the wine to be seen drinking by the yachting crowd so it’s perfect for that upcoming weekend in the Hamptons.

The 2013 Turley White Zinfandel from California’s central coast was conceived by former Momofuku somm, Christina Turley. Many credit Turley, in fact, with sparking this movement toward dry, all zinfandel rosé. This rosé is high in acid, low in alcohol and completely refreshing. Despite its California breeding, it’s all Provencal in the glass, on the nose and on the palate.

The Best Sparkling Rosé

Sparkling rosé is its best when it’s complex and that is where the Berlucchi 61 Rosé Brut comes in. The Italian fizzer provides tart, crisp lemon balanced with juicy cherry. Its yeasty, bready character rounds out the experience and leaves everyone satisfied.

Many people think of Champagne, France when they see bubbles. Lanson Extra Age Rosé, hails from the region. It offers a copper tint and flavors of red berry, apple and toasted nuts - yielding layered textures and flavors.

Still or sparkling, it’s time to find your new favorite wine. We’ve compiled this list of the four best rosé’ wines for 2017, and hope we’ve introduced you to this exciting style.