The top searched adult beverage term in New Jersey and the country? Wine! We get it. You love wine. We love it, too. But we all love different things about it. We’ve put together a list of our favorite wine websites categorized by general topic (with crossovers noted) to help you find your favorites to bookmark and visit when wine is on your mind.The best wine sites - no matter what your interest in wine.

The Best Wine Site On The Internet

Overall, the #1 site on the internet is Wine Folly. Though led by a somm, WF is completely unpretentious. They believe you should “learn by drinking” and offer a wealth of resources for free on their site. This includes instructional posts, beautifully designed charts and other visual tools, and videos galore. Wine Folly is also super active on Instagram, making them accessible. Get a complete, free education in wine by exploring the site’s beginner guide. Then move onto the more advanced stuff. While WF does have a store and paid materials, everything you could ever want, other than wine, is completely free.

Well Written Wine Stories

If you’re looking to explore wine through a narrative style, these well-written sites can’t be beat.

Dame Wine: Cathrine Todd lives in NYC, tastes extensively at home but also travels. Instead of simply reporting about what she is drinking or providing educational posts, Todd explores deeper themes of human connection and the human experience through her beautifully written posts. Regularly awarded writing awards, this is the blog for those who love words and wine.

The Wine Wankers: Conrad and Drew are located in Sydney and Stockholm and bring insights from the wine world to their site. They keep a global perspective and humor throughout their content and it’s perfectly varied. While not beautifully written, like Dame Wine, their well written, humor-filled posts will keep you coming back for more and never bore you.

Beautiful Imagery

We’ve been told a picture is worth a thousand words but these sites are pushing the boundaries with the best wine images you can find.

The Jordan of Journey (Photo Essays): Jordan, located in Sonoma, is home to some of the best tasting American wines. Prepare to experience wine through incredible images from the vine to the glass. Jordan is also known for producing parody videos that are exceptionally funny and show a lighter side to their serious wine making prowess. 

Vindulge: Wine, food, travel, lifestyle. Vindulge explores several different things but check out the wine articles for gorgeous pictures and information on all sorts of wine-related goodness.

Wine Travel

Whether you’re planning a foreign or domestic wine trip, the internet makes it easier with great blogs about wine travel.

California Wine Country Getaways: Everything you need to know about California wine country travel including regional info, wine tasting info and a trip planner.

Traveling Wine Chick: Elizabeth Smith shares in depth insights on wine travel that goes far beyond California, Italy and France. Two recent articles look at Brooklyn and Maryland. This is the wine travel blog that you should consult if you’re looking to break through the hype and learn about emerging regions and unique locations. Smith’s experience as a travel agent gives her extra street cred.

Wine as Capital

There’s more to wine than drinking. If you’re considering, or just interested in, wine as an investment opportunity this blog may deepen your understanding. Full disclosure: We are not urging you to invest in wine; this is offered simply as a resource.

Wine Investment Blog: Cult Wines is a family investment firm specializing in market research and analysis to help people invest wisely.

Emerging Regions

There’s wine beyond Western Europe, California and Australia. Gain unique perspective about grapes around the world by checking out some lesser known areas.

Grape Wall of China: China is the largest consumer of wine in the world. It’s also a growing production region and competing with some of the best wines in the world.

Between The Wines: While Ruma Singh’s blog goes beyond Indian wine, that’s the section we’re focused on. India is an emerging wine region and it’s time to start learning about it.

No matter what your taste in wine, there is a blog out there that will pique your interest.