We all know Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, but sometimes it’s fun to get to know lesser known varietals. Right now, Bonarda is making a splash. First learn about this Argentinian grape and then come on down to the shop to try one for yourself. Here’s the basics on Bonarda.

Bonarda Wine Basics

  • Bonarda is the second most-planted grape in Argentina. And it’s actually not Bonarda at all. Genetically the grape’s DNA is that of the French grape Douce Noir (deuce nwah).

  • Douce Noir originated in Savoie France, which includes Mont Blanc and parts of the French Alps.

  • Sometimes Douce Noir is called Bonarda, Charbono, and Corbeau

  • The Argentinian wines labeled as Bonarda are medium bodied, low tannin and alcohol, high acid and even higher fruit.

  • Expect notes of jammy black cherry, plum sauce, as well as herbal notes like allspice and tobacco leaf.

  • Some Argentinian Bonarda is oaked which will give it additional depth usually expressing as fig, chocolate or even wood cigar box.

Who Will Like Bonarda?

One of the great things about Bonarda is that it’s a fruit bomb with complex flavors but low tannins. For those who don’t astringency in their wine this is a great choice. The complexity of some serious reds is there but without the pucker. Also, these wines are lower in alcohol than many others that are this complex. Its high acidity gives it a great mouthfeel without the astringency, too.

Best Served With

Bonarda is a fantastic pairing wine to pair with meat, including fish. The allspice and tobacco leaf also make it a great choice for sweet and sour flavors like pineapple and teriyaki. It works with Chinese and Thai and is the perfect accompaniment to foods seasoned with chilies and red pepper.

Did You Say It’s Not Bonarda?

We did! Actual Bonarda is a category of Italian grape so be careful when you go out to buy the Bonarda we’re talking about, which is Argentinian Douce Noir. Make sure to check the bottle to make sure the wine was made in Argentina. Lucky for you, we have it here at Jersey Wine & Spirits.

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