Spring is almost here (really, it is!) and do you know what that means? It's gin and tonic season! Gin is a favorite spirit of many but very few people know that, and how, it can be paired with cheese. This unique pairing is a great one to master and will make your gin loving friends over the moon at your next party. Join Jersey Wine & Spirits for a gin and cheese class just in time for warmer temps. Tickets are available now! Class will be in session on tomorrow, Thursday March 23, from 7-8:30 pm.

Gin 101

Unfamiliar with gin? Want to know more? Here are some basics to acquaint you with the spirit known for its botanical notes.

  • Gin was made popular by the Dutch. This is apt considering we're putting this class on with Van Hook Cheese & Grocery! It was originally known as Genever and made with grains.
  • Compound Gin is known as bathtub gin and is the easiest to make. Vodka is left in an open tub with botanicals and juniper. That's it!
  • Distilled Gin starts with grains but is then distilled before adding botanicals and juniper. It is sometimes distilled twice. Some producers sweeten or color their distilled gin. This is likely because Genever originally came in two versions. Oude (pronounced ow (as in how) duh) or old gin was darker in color. Jonge (yun-guh) gin or young gin was clear.
  • London Dry Gin is infused during distillation. It must be at least 70% ABV straight after distillation. London Dry Gin is usually diluted to 40% ABV.
  • Gin is a favorite ingredient in many classic cocktails like Martinis, Singapore Slings and Tom Collins.

The history of gin is incredible interesting. From Dutch times to now gin has had many adventures. In the 1700's, for example, many bars had vending machines that dispensed bottles of gin. Whoa. 

Are you ready to learn more about gin? Join us on Thursday for our class. Tickets are available now!

Join us for a gin and cheese class!