In-Store Tastings Thursday-Saturday!

A grab bag of excellent new releases...  

Thursday, May 3:

Bordeaux Rose, Domaine des Marechaux 2010- $10.99/btl ($8.79 by case or mixed case): Young Michel Mingot, proprietor of Domaine des Marechaux, represents what we like most about all the best of Bordeaux' new wave of winegrowers. He is totally obsessed with both quality and with the notion that his wines are made to be consumed and not to be traded like equity futures or museum pieces. For our clients who are already familiar with his stunning Sauvignon Gris and jam-packed Chateau Marechaux 2006, this dry rose (of equal parts Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot) needs no introduction...other than to mention that the hotter it gets this summer, the better this wine will taste! And, if you're heading over to Thirty Acres soon, this would make a great start to dinner, paired with oysters and beet mignonette.

Chateau Tour de Barbereau, Bordeaux 2009- $12.99/btl ($10.40 by case or mixed case): Here's yet another in the string of fatty and seductive 2009 Bordeaux beginning to land in the US. We've loaded up on this one, because: 1) it's 55% Cabernet Sauvignon; 2) there's plenty of stuffing and a pleasing vanilla/blackberry component; and 3) we can't pass on a high-quality, drink-now, Cabernet Sauvignon-based Bordeaux at $13. Enough said...except to let you know that this one won't stay on our shelves long.

Friday, May 4:

Red Tail Ridge Chardonnay "Barrel Fermented-RTR Vineyard", Finger Lakes 2010- $14.99/btl ($11.99 by case or mixed case): Finger Lakes pioneers Nancy Irelan and Mike Schnelle have simply outdone themselves this time. Following on the success of their "sans oak" 2010 Chardonnay, they've now released a richer, deeper and more satisfying barrel-fermented effort from their estate vineyard, adjacent to Seneca Lake. Even more impressive, they've managed to barrel ferment in a way that remains true to biodynamic principles, as no new oak is employed! The result is plenty creamy and leesy, yet there are none of the tell-tale, over-the-top vanilla and whiskey-like qualities that plague so many New World iterations of this style. If you've given up looking for an American barrel-fermented Chardonnay that manages to retain the natural aromas and flavors of the grape, this one is a must-try!

Dao "Outeiro", Alvaro Castro 2009- $11.99/btl ($9.60 by case or mixed case): One of our secret pleasures is drinking red Portuguese table wines (as opposed to the high-octane, fortified wines of Oporto). And, in the hands of a master like Alvaro Castro, the reds exhibit all the finest qualities of top Iberian Peninsula examples, with the added bonuses of a certain lift and refinement and even more moderate pricing than similar wines from across the border in Spain. Castro's 2009 Outeiro cuvee offers plenty of plum and berry notes, a certain floral quality on the nose and excellent food-friendliness, as it's neither cloying nor too high in alcohol (only 13%). Bring on the pulled pork!

Saturday, May 5: 

Pinot Grigio Colli Orientali del Friuli, La Viarte 2009- $19.99/btl ($15.99 by case or mixed case): JWS regulars know that when we bring in Pinot Grigio from anywhere in Italy that it's a signal to load up! They also know that what ends up in the glass is rich, nutty, bursting with minerality, well-concentrated and almost Burgundian in mouthfeel and length on the palate. The 2009 La Viarte, from top importer Kermit Lynch, has also benefitted from not being rushed into bottle and not being rushed to market. That little two-year "slumber" has allowed all the components of this wine to meld; it's drinking perfectly right now, and we suspect it will drink well for years to come. This is as good as Pinot Grigio gets!

Touraine Rouge- Cot "Cent Visages", Jean-Francois Merieau 2008- $20.99/btl ($16.79 by case or mixed case): We were recently honored to receive a visit from JD Headrick, one of America's top importers of Loire Valley wines. After tasting a series of distinguished whites and a superb St. Nicolas-de-Bourgeuil, he uncorked this spectacular, Malbec-based red, which left us all in silence for several minutes. In fact, we're not really sure how to describe this wine, other than to say there's a PRESENCE (as opposed to simply the components of aroma and flavor) that one generally only encounters in great growth Bordeaux or Grand Cru Burgundy. Over the course of a few minutes in the glass, it alternates from ferrous, to ethereal, to dense...and then repeats this delightful cycle. Cot from the Loire Valley has become quite the trendy wine- and gets plenty of attention from snooty sommeliers and journalist types like Alice Feiring- but the attraction of wines like this is in the way Cot so transparently expresses the clay and limestone than underpin the Loire's best sites. If your only tasting experiences with Malbec have been Argentine wines, be sure to stop in today and glimpse the heights this grape can achieve.

Friday Beer Arrivals

We're set for another fun Friday of new beers. As usual, they're seasonal, they're fun...and, they're limited (especially the outrageous 21st Amendment Watermelon Wheat thingy):

21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon- 6 pk
Oskar Blues Mama’s Little Yella Pils- 12 pk
Sixpoint Apollo Wheat- 4 pk
Stone Cali-Belgique- 22 oz
Professor Fritz Briem Grut Bier (a mind-altering trip to the 13th Century)- 16.9 oz
Bockor Omer (traditional Belgian Golden Ale)- 11.2 oz

Brenna Wine Queue

All play and no work makes Brenna a dull girl. This week, we're cracking the whip on her with the following:

Movia Cabernet Sauvignon, Slovenia 2007- $41.99
Zwigelt "Classic", Anton Iby, Mittelburgenland, Austria 2010- $17.99
Ravines Cabernet Franc, Finger Lakes 2010- $17.99
Bandol, Domaine de la Tour de Bon 2008- $26.99
Refosco, La Roncaia, Colli Orientali del Friuli 2006- $35.99
Robert Sinskey Pinot Gris, Carneros 2010- $23.99
Arista "Ferrington Vineyard" Gewurztraminer, Anderson Valley 2011- $27.99