In addition to our weekly tastings, there are some awesome events coming up in Jersey City. Here’s a list of alcohol-related events to put on your list to check out. Enjoy fun nights out with friends in Jersey City.  We’ll see you out there!

Thursday, November 17th Science Speakeasy

Ready to be transported back to the 1920’s? We are! Jersey Wine & Spirits is teaming up with The Liberty Science Center for an amazing event: the Science Speakeasy. This is part of a new series at the center for the 21+ crowd hosted the third Thursday of every month. Tonight’s event is sure to be talked about for months to come.

The Science Speakeasy will have food and drink, games, music, exhibitions, prizes and some hidden surprises. From laser light shows to a discounted price on the amazing Bodies exhibit, this is a night no one should miss! Distillers will be in attendance mixing drinks and teaching guests about the art and science of spirits.

Tickets are $20 ahead of time, $26 at the door. Get yours now!

Friday, November 18th Thanksgiving Thank You Tasting

We want to say “thank you” to our customers, friends and neighbors and what better way to do that than with a Thanksgiving tasting? On Friday, November 18th, we’ll showcase 5 wines, 4 spirits and 3 beers from 6-9 p.m. at our shop. These wines and beers are perfect pairings for your Thanksgiving table and good any other time, too.

Spirits work any time of year and if you haven’t tried many or are looking to expand your knowledge, this is the perfect tasting for you.  Here’s what we’ll taste:

Reisetbauer Single Malt Whiskey

Reisetbauer 7 Year Single Malt is a unique whisky from one of the world's finest producers of eau de vie. This is a French term that literally translates to “water of life” and is a clear, colorless fruit brandy with light fruit flavor, made through fermentation and double distilling. In the English-speaking countries it refers to distilled beverages made from any fruit but grapes. Unlike many other whiskies of uncommon origin, this whiskey does not imitate the style of established producers in Scotland or Ireland. Instead, after distilling from high-quality malted barley in copper pot stills, Hans Reisetbauer ages his whisky in used oak casks from Austrian vintners. These Chardonnay and Trockenbeerenauslese casks shape the distillate into a rich, vibrant and bold libation with pronounced aromas and flavors of chocolate, caramel, baking spices, and berries. This is a must-try for any adventurous whisk(e)y enthusiast.

Barrell Cask Strength Jamaican Rum

This is the first ever rum release from this cask strength whiskey company. A 7 year old Jamaican pot still distilled rum, bottled in Kentucky and finished in 9 year old bourbon barrels for a smooth, lush experience. With a polished, bright copper appearance, and a strong whiff of vanilla.

Contratto Bitter

The original recipe for Contratto Bitter dates back to 1933 and is based on a mixture of delicately infused, premium natural herbs, spices, roots and seeds combined with Italian Brandy. A slow, cold maceration process is carried out according to tradition, resulting in a sophisticated, all-natural elixir. This complex yet well-balanced "boutique" aperitif is makes any bitter-based cocktail into an exceptional experience.

Saturday, November 19th Hungarian Wine Tasting

Hungary might not be the first place you think of when listing wine regions, but as this article from Wine Folly offers a great introductory lesson on this important, historical region.

Hungary was hit hard by the phylloxera outbreak in the 1880’s and thus fell off the radar but they have been coming back and have four regions producing some of the most beloved wines in the wine world.

Join us Saturday night for a tasting of Hungarian Wines and find your new favorite region.

There’s too much going on starting tonight to stay at home -- we hope to see you out and about in Jersey City! Be sure to stop by and say hi.