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Jersey Wine and Spirits loves beer.  Interesting craft beer, flavors and styles of beer.  If it’s beer-related, we’re game to chat about it.  On Fridays we bring people together to taste and talk about beers.  Be sure to check in with our blog every Thursday for information on Friday’s tasting.  We’ll go through the beers on the menu and also drop some knowledge for those who want to know a little more about everyone’s favorite fermented drink. Brooklyn’s Evil Twin Brewing is up this week.

Brooklyn’s Evil Twin Brewing Beer Tasting

Located in Bed-Stuy (but not open to the public) Evil Twin Brewing is constantly coming up with beers that push boundaries by blending flavors and textures into some pretty incredible combinations (scroll down to see names and labels).  

Imperial Simcoe Slacker

This one-time release imperial IPA made with simcoe hops gives off an interesting aroma that includes sweet, caramelly malt.  The taste is lemony moving toward the woody character on the finish that simcoe hops are known for. Definitely more East coast IPA than West coast.


If you’re newer to beer, we’ve got some definitions to grow your knowledge.  Pros, just skip to the next beer.


Hops: A plant used in beer to provide a bitter note.  Different hops have different flavors ranging in everything floral and citrus to pine and gooseberry (cat urine).


Imperial IPA: another name for a double IPA (or a really hoppy/bitter beer).  The preferred term is “Double IPA” but Imperial is still used, often by hipper labels.


IPA (India Pale Ale): Beers that are bitter because they focus on hop flavors more than malt flavors.  Double, triple, and imperial IPAs use more hops as their name implies.  East coast IPAs have more malt flavors and also often change in taste while drinking whereas West coast IPAs (like those from California) are hops from start to finish.

Citra Sunshine Slacker

This session IPA comes with all the goodness of citra hops.  Dank at the start, the spice and flowers come through -- packing a flavorful punch while staying light for the desired feel of a session beer.


Session IPA: A low alcohol content IPA.


Citra hops: Hop with a very fruity profile: citrus, stone fruit, melon, gooseberry, tropical fruit.


Dank: A good term when applied to beer, dank describes the rich smell of hops (not the musty, wet smell of a dungeon).  Trivia: this use of “dank” to describe beer is related use of it to describe marijuana.  Hops and marijuana plants share common ancestors and are easily confused for each other.

Even More Jesus

This imperial stout and a scoop of vanilla ice cream might just be the perfect dessert.  Rich and heavy with flavors of chocolate, coffee, dark fruits and muscovado sugar.


Imperial Stout: A heavy, dark beer made with malted barley in the style of the 18th century.

Maple Jesus

This imperial stout is produced and bottled for Evil Twin by Dark Horse Brewing Co. in Marshall, Michigan (where patrons are banned from playing Nickleback on the jukebox).  We’ll be opening two twelve ounce bottles of this limited pour and highly recommend it to those who’ve never been able to try Dark Horse -- an exceptional brewing outfit in rural southern MI.  This stout is aged in maple bourbon barrels for a dose boozy, dark deliciousness.


Get ready to taste some creative, delicious craft beers across two different styles by one company.  Visit us at 492 Jersey Ave.  Give us a call at 201.763.5888 if you have any questions need directions.