Join Jersey Wine & Spirits For A Port Wine & Cheese Tasting **SOLD OUT EVENT!**

Our Port Wine & Cheese Tasting Is Sold Out!

At Jersey Wine & Spirits we love offering unique tastings that expand our customers’ knowledge of wine and spirits. This week we’ll introduce you to port wine and how it pairs with cheese. The tasting is on Thursday, April 20, from 7 to 9pm. Get your tickets now! This event is SOLD OUT --- be sure to get your tickets to our next event early!

What is Port Wine?

What is port, anyway? Many think it is a super sweet wine only drunk by grandparents from a tiny glass. Port is gaining in popularity thanks to younger generations tasting and learning how to pair it. It’s our goal to do that this week at our tasting. Here’s some things to know about port.

Understanding Port

  • Port is a fortified wine from Portugal. Fortified wines are wines that are combined with spirits. Many fortified wines contain brandy.

    • The spirit used to fortify Port is a brandy-like spirit called Aguardente. It is 77% alcohol.

    • Port producers must buy their Aguardente from the government. Like many other alcohols, Aguardente is strictly regulated by the Portuguese government.

  • Port is tasted like other wines and contains similar flavors. The most common flavors in port are raspberry, blackberry, caramel, cinnamon and chocolate sauce.

  • Like other wine, port is available in different colors. Red and Tawny are the most known, but port also comes in white and rosé styles.

    • Red port tastes more of berry and chocolate and is less sweet.

    • Tawny port tastes more of nuts and caramel and is more sweet.

    • Fine, aged Vintage Port and Tawny Ports aged at least 30 years have more unique flavor. These include graphite (pencil lead), green peppercorn, hazelnut, almond, butterscotch, and graham cracker.

      • If you’re a beer drinker you might associate butterscotch with diacetyl, a common flaw in beers. In high quality port this is not a flaw.

  • Serve port just below room temperature in a special glass that is smaller than a traditional wine glass.

Pairing Port

We’ll pair port with cheese at our tasting on Thursday. Port wine & cheese is an awesome combination, especially with heavier cheeses like a good, stinky blue cheese. There are other pairings that are less common, but incredible:

  • Serve port with flavorful smoked and barbecued meats.

  • Port is traditionally a dessert wine and pairs beautifully with chocolate and caramel flavored desserts.

  • Enjoy a glass of port with smoked or salted nuts.

Learn more about port by joining us Thursday. Also, check out Wine Folly’s breakdown of all things port or the site,