Jersey Wine & Spirits and Van Hook Cheese & Grocery are joining together yet again to bring an exciting class to those interested in learning more about wine and cheese. Join us tomorrow, Thursday February 23, from 7-8:30 pm at Jersey Wine & Spirits to explore Spanish Wine and Cheese.  

You can learn more about the event on Facebook and be sure to get your tickets at Eventbrite!

Spanish Wine At A Glance

Spain is the third largest producer of wine in the world and has more dedicated growing acreage than any other country. And yet for most of us, it's not on our map except maybe when we go someplace and see they have a Tempranillo on the wine list. Who doesn't like a nice glass of Tempranillo, after all?

But there is far more to Spanish wine than Tempranillo. Spain, in fact, has a massive number of regions for growing wine and because of its varied climates, grapes express themselves in myriad ways -- this is what is referred to as terroir in the wine world. The way climate, soil, air, sun exposure and other natural features interact during the process: from vine to table.

Spanish Wine Map from Wine Folly

Spain's geographic layout and 60 distinct growing regions mean lots of different types of wines from those grown on the Canary Islands to the central plateu to various river valleys.

This class will introduce you to Spanish wines and cheeses beyond the go to Tempranillo and Manchego so that you leave with a better understanding of the unique styles and flavors produced in Spain along with how to pair and describe them to others.

Be sure to get your tickets and join us tomorrow night.