New vintages of old favorites, Txakolina and sensational new beers!

Thursday, April 5:

Getariako Txakolina, Mokoroa 2011- $12.99/btl ($10.40 by case or mixed case):The Basque region of Spain offers a little bit of everything we love about Old World Europe: it's fiercely original, traditional, insular and wholly unconcerned with making an impression on outsiders. No surprise then, that their food and drink are wholly indigenous and based upon local raw ingredients that in many cases are found nowhere else in the world. And when it comes to wine, nowhere else in the world will you find a white like the lightly petillant, zingy and 100% fun Txakolina. Based on the obscure Hondurrabi grape, this is a wine meant to be poured in a long stream into tumblers, quaffed and enjoyed with anything ranging from Basque omelets with peppers to baccala to steamed clams. If you enjoyed our big hit wine last summer, the Grangia from Elvio Tintero, you'll find this every bit as pleasing!

Beaujolais, Domaine de la Prebende 2010- $14.99/btl ($11.99 by case or mixed case): Damien Dupeuble's 2009 Prebende was one of the great entry-level Beaujolais of the vintage, and regular JWS clients loaded up by the case for as long as we had supply. Now, we've just received our first shipment of the highly-touted 2010, and we're happy to report that it lives up to its billing! Typical of this outstanding vintage, it showcases an even darker, richer intensity of fruit (while still remaining at only 12% alcohol and light-medium in body) and the mineral, racy structure that we demand of unspoofulated Beaujolais. If you're looking for a versatile red that can handle a 15-minute dunk in ice, perform with a variety of foods on a hot day and still manage to compel your attention...don't miss this!

Friday, April 6:

Costieres de Nimes Rose, Chateau Virgile 2011- $9.99/btl ($7.99 by case or mixed case): The obscure appellation of Nimes, at the southernmost boundary of the Cotes-du-Rhone, is a treasure trove of excellent values in red, white and rose wines. Of course, that means that JWS will be tapping it for what may turn out to be our single best rose value of the 2011 vintage, the Costieres de Nimes from Chateau Virgile. One sip, and you'll be as surprised as we were that such a dry, structured, sea-salty, fraise-scented gem can possible sell for under $10 the bottle. Don't hesitate to pair this with charcoal-grilled fennel, seafood stews of any kind or dishes served with aioli or saffron. 

Toscana Rosso "Poggialupi", Fattoria Rodano 2010- $12.99/btl ($10.40 by case or mixed case): Here's yet another wine of which we sold oceans of the 2009 and then crossed our fingers that the 2010 would measure up. Well, we're happy to report that not only does it measure up...but the price remains the same! If you've yet to try this, expect the quality you'd want from a top Chianti...married to an easy drinkability imparted by the judicious (and imperceptible) addition of a touch of Merlot. This lovely wine will more than do justice to a grilled Bistecca alla Fiorentina and some herbaceous roasted potatoes. 

Saturday, April 7: 

Cortese del Piemonte, Castelvero 2010- $9.99/btl ($7.99 by case or mixed case):Cortese is better-known (or should we say, infamous) as being the grape of Gavi di Gavi, possibly the most overhyped, overrated, overpriced white wine in the world. However, what's not well-known about this grape is that it yields an absolutely terrific, rich, crisp, mineral-driven white of superb character when grown anywhere else. Even better, these wonderful wines are completely ignored in the marketplace, meaning vultures like us can lock up supplies of the best versions and offer them for a song. We predict the Castelvero '10 will surpass the Colosi Bianco in popularity, so give some consideration to making this your "house white" for the summer!

Rioja Cosecha, Montebuena 2009- $11.99/btl ($9.60 by case or mixed case): What better way to follow a weekend of Rioja tastings...than by tasting some more Rioja the following week? Believe us when we tell you that the 2009 Montebuena merits it! As is typical for this perennial bargain, there's plenty of dark, dense, black cherry fruit, with just a touch of vanilla and a finish of fine, soft tannins. The 2009 vintage is an all-time classic in Rioja, so don't let the "Cosecha" designation fool you; this is a serious wine that will drink well now and for years. We wouldn't hesitate to serve it with BBQ on the patio, or with the main course at Easter dinner!

Have You Been Green Flashed?

If not, please allow us to introduce you to some of the most original and well-crafted beer being made anywhere in the US. If so, take a look at the new releases (which we'll have this Friday), all worthy siblings of the great West Coast IPA and the Belgocentric Rayon Vert:

Le Freak (an IPA married to a Belgian-style Tripel!)- 750 ml
Palate Wrecker (massively-hopped Imperial IPA)- 4 pk

And, don't miss these other outstanding Friday arrivals:

Oskar Blues Deviant Dale’s (Imperial IPA)- 4 pks of 16 oz slammers!
Riverhorse Summer Blonde (Golden Ale)- 6 pk
Yards Saison (Philly's best!)- 6 pk

Brenna's Wine Queue

Brenna still wants to practice law, but we think she should keep her day job (that, and continuing to spoil Ruby rotten). Why worry about being an officer of the court, when you could be spending your time sinking your teeth into the following:

Cotes-du-Rhone Blanc, Domaine La Manarine 2011- $13.99
Vouvray Demi-Sec, Foreau 2005- $34.99
Ribeira del Duero, Conde de San Cristobal 2004- $24.99
Solena Pinot Noir "Grande Cuvee", Willamette Vly 2009- $22.99
Rosso di Montalcino, Valdicava 2006- $39.99
Erbaluce di Caluso "La Torrazza", Ferrando 2009- $16.99
Bierzo "Finca la Cuesta", Luna Beberide 2008- $19.99