Valentine's Day is nearly here and we've got ideas for Valentine's Day wine. Jersey Wine and Spirits has some great wines for you and your beloved to share tomorrow. These are unusual but exceptional wines and ideas for how to pair them with chocolate for a truly memorable night.

Valentine's Day Wine & Chocolate Ideas

We've got ideas for sparkling and still wines. Let's start with the sparkling.

Italian Lambrusco is a frizzante style red wine that is usually sweet. While pairing wine and chocolate is harder than it seems you'll be the star of the evening if you serve Lambrusco with white chocolate or chocolate caramels (go high quality for silky caramel rather than harder, chewier caramel).

Italian Brachetto is a sparkling rosé and, lucky for you, goes perfectly with the sexiest of Valentine's Day treats: chocolate covered strawberries.

The American (Finger Lakes) Sparkling Teroldego we have in store is similar to Zinfindel (red) with complex flavors like tar, almond, spice and red fruit. It can also express tobacco and pine. This wine pairs beautifully with dark chocolates.

Sparkling Reds Make Great Valentine's Day Wines

Our other suggestion for Valentine's Day is Amarone. This unique style of wine is made from dried grapes and is a historic and romantic Italian red. This indulgent red is dry and pairs best with dark chocolate (70%) and any bittersweet chocolate. Look for a bittersweet chocolate with dried cherry for a particularly delicious treat.

Try Some Amarone With Bittersweet Chocolate

Wine and chocolate can be a tough pairing but when you have the advice of experts you can easily impress anyone. So come on down and pick up a few bottles for tomorrow night and then pair it with some delicious chocolate and give you and your date a night to remember.