Whiskey & Cheese Tasting

Who: Jersey Wines & Spirits and Van Hook Cheese & Grocery
What: Whiskey & Cheese Tasting
When: Thursday, January 26, 2017 from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m.
Where: Jersey Wines & Spirits (492 Jersey Ave) 
Why: Wine and cheese is cool but it's a new year and time to learn about a new pairing
How: Get your tickets here.

We're teaming up with our friends from Van Hook Cheese & Grocery to teach you about how to pair whiskey and cheese. We'll try four whiskeys and four cheeses and learn some pairing basics.

While whiskey and cheese pairings might not be something you think about when you're planning to pair cheese, the high alcohol content of whiskey makes it the perfect pairing for cutting through richer, and more funky cheeses.  Get your tickets now and join us to taste your way into new understandings of pairings.

What Is Whiskey?

Whiskey is a distilled alcohol made by fermenting grain or corn. In the early stages the process of making whiskey is very similar to that of making beer except whiskey never has hops added to the grains and often does not have a varied grain bill, like many beers do.  Both processes start by steeping grains in hot water, resulting in a liquid "tea" called wort. The wort has natural sugars that result from the steeping. From here, the processes go in opposite directions with the whiskey wort being distilled and placed in barrels fpr aging. 

So what's the difference between things like Irish and Canadien whiskeys, bourbon and rye? The type of grain, how the wort is distilled and the barrels used lead to these differentiations. 

Gear Patrol breaks down the differences between whiskies really well in this article.

Why Pair Whiskey With Cheese?

Wine is fine. It's more than fine. We love wine! But sometimes you want to step up your entertaining or really impress that special someone. Being daring enough to throw together some killer whiskey and cheese pairings is, believe us, an impressive feat and one that everyone should learn. You don't have to go crazy. Just learn the basics and pretty soon you'll be experimenting and finding your favorite combinations.