For Social Media, Texting, or Just to get A Laugh

Who loves a meme? Everyone! Memes are a fun way to instantly communicate exactly what you’re feeling. Whether as a reaction to a text, or an Instagram post to communicate exactly the kind of day you’ve had. Wine memes are some of our favorites, of course, because as they say: in wine, there is truth.  Here are our favorites -- comment with some of your own!

Wine Memes For Every Day

These memes are specific to the days of the week -- a cute way to let someone know how the week is going.

Monday Wine.png

Tuesday Wine.jpg


wine thursday.jpg

Wine Puns

Memes about wine and the days of the week are fun. But what about those of us who like puns? Here are some grape puns about wine ready to be shared. See what we did there? Grape puns? Hahaha!

wine 11.jpg

Other Great Wine Memes

If you want wine memes that span a variety of topics for your photo library here they are for your enjoyment:


The pilates lover or yogi in your life will appreciate this great poster of moves using wine as a prop. There is also a great short video similar to this that is fun to share.


”A little wine for the recipe, a little wine for me.” is a commonly heard phrase when we’re cooking dinner. Celebrate cooking with wine with this retro looking meme.


This meme is a cross between classic and cliche and a great addition to your favorite wine meme library.

sun and wine.jpg

A great non sequitur, this one will be appreciated by your friends who want a meme that’s a little different.


Aren’t we all?


Any wine meme that involves “leftovers” is usually appreciated because it’s rare to not polish off a bottle, especially when there are friends and laughter involved.


Are poems more difficult to write before or after the wine has been poured?

wine flow chart.jpg



Ending with these three memes makes perfect sense: no one should ever be without wine. Make sure you’re not at risk of running out by stopping in to visit us at Jersey Wine & Spirits for all of your wine needs. And bring your favorite pun or post a meme in the comments!